Welcome 2 the Future OPEN NOW!!!

“Bienvenidos Al Futuro” –                                                         an International Virtual Art Group Exhibition 


Powered by Kunstmatrix…this exhibition of new works by over 40 artists from 9 COUNTRIES is a WONDER!!

Please follow the link above to enter the exhibition and click your way through this array of beautiful, original artworks that focus on the ways we all can work toward a better future for our sacred sites and wild places. If you would like more information about how and what our group of artists and curators are doing to fix (in direct and indirect ways) our ailing forests and antiquarian places of spiritual importance…please EMAIL us at:


Proof of Proto-forest 385 Million Years old

Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest forest in an abandoned quarry near Cairo, New York. The 385-million-year-old rocks contain the fossilized woody roots of dozens of ancient trees. The find marks a turning point in Earth’s history. When trees evolved these roots, they helped pull carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and lock it away, radically shifting the planet’s climate and leading to the atmosphere we know today.

Sciencemag.org article

Performance Art Festival in Colombia

This performance festival emanates from Bucaramanga in Colombia, where the spirit of the Broken Forest is very strong. It’s all online, so check it out from the comfort of your couch!! Festival starts streaming on August 28. We’ll post the url here as soon as it is available.

Organic installations that focus our attention on Broken Forests

I’m so happy to welcome my friend and a wonderful, committed and important artist, Ernest Daetwyler to the Broken Forest Group. Please take a look at the Images page for some views of Ernest’s past work. For me, these works have always been about synthesizing art with nature and building a sustainable balance between humanity and the forest.

Ernest Daetwyler studied at the Schule für Gestaltung, Bern, Switzerland, the Centro Europeo in Venice, Italy and received his master diploma from the Schule für Gestaltung, St. Gallen, Switzerland.

His multidisciplinary exhibitions and public interventions/art projects are being presented in Canada and internationally. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, Pro Helvetia, Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Presence Suisse, the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) 2010 Exhibition of the Year Award, the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund, the Arts Award Waterloo Region in Visual Arts and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York, N.Y.