Artists at Work

the Broken Forests Group presents:

a virtual exhibition entitled,

The Embrace/El Abrazo


Featuring Artworks by:

  • Norma Vieira (Brazil)
  • Ernest Daetwyler (Canada)
  • Simon Frank (Canada)
  • Cecilia Stellini (Brazil)
  • Casey Earle (Chile)
  • Mike Matthews (Canada, United States)
  • Diane Colwell (Canada)
  • Alessandra Bisi (Italy)
  • Don Chretien (Canada)
  • Roberto Caironi (Italy)
  • Daniela Gilardoni (Italy)
  • Dory Perdomo (Mexico)
  • Ruth Vigueras Bravo (Mexico)
  • Matthias Reis (Brazil)
  • Dermot Wilson (Canada)
  • Cesar Forero (Canada/Colombia)
  • Alex Boudreault (Canada)
  • Neryth Yamile Manrique Mendoza (Colombia)
  • Yun-Shan Lee (Taiwan)
  • Paul Smylie (Canada)
  • Joanna Szostak (Poland)
  • Paweł Rubaszewski (Poland)
  • Jerzy Plucha (Poland)
  • Urszula Olczyńska (Poland)
  • Ilona Irmina Iwanska (Poland)
  • Marek Mikrut (Poland)
  • Oliwia Hildebrandt (Poland)
  • Jacek Balicki (Poland)
  • Artur Bartkiewicz (Poland)
  • Mateus Stellini (Brazil)
  • Leszek Zuber Zebrowski (Poland)


Norma Vieira is one of the Broken Forests Group’s founding members. Here is a walkthrough of her Gallery and Studio in Brazil.

An “in-studio” performance and prepared video projection by Ruth Vigueras Bravo, a Broken Forests Project artist from Mexico.

Performance Documentation from Broken Forests artists: Cesar Forero, Alex Boudreault and Mateus Stelini.

NEW ARTISTS @ WORK – Several artists have been added to the Broken Forests Group. Please follow this link to take a look at their work and statements.

New Artists Pages LINK

Curators, Artists and Collectives – creating statements and expressions for Broken Forests. 

Project sites related to Broken Forests Group, blogs, Facebook Groups and the artist’s or gallery’s websites and contact links.

A bunker and Junk Art from Lublin, Poland

The Broken Forests Artists/Curators Group includes:                                           

Artists/Performers: Cesar Forero, Dermot Wilson, Leszek Zuber Zebrowski, Daniela Gilardoni, Cecilia Stellini, Norma Vieira, Yun-shan Lee, Roberto Caironi, Artur Bartkiewicz, Alessandra Bisi, Marek Mikrut, Simon Frank, Ernest Daetwyler, Jacek Balicki, Neryth Yamile Manrique Mendez, Mateus Stellini, Mathias Reis, Ruth Vigueras Bravo, Don Chretien and Alex Boudreault.

Curators:  Dermot J.M. Wilson –  Leszek Zuber Zebrowksi – Cecilia Stelini – Cesar Forero –

Exhibitions Featuring Broken Forest Group Members


Cesar Forero, performances and exhibition in Mexico!

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a Video about how trees communicate

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