New Artists and Curators Joining the Group

More momentum for the Broken Forests Project. We’ve added several artists to the project, two organic painters from Poland, an installation poet from Hamilton and a site/spirit artist born in Switzerland who now lives on the edges of the boreal forest of Ontario. Check them out here:


We’re all SO EXCITED to be working with a highly respected Canadian curator with a wealth of knowledge about contemporary art practice who is doing wonderful things at this Hybrid Arts Presentation and Participation Space…Ms. Virginia Eichhorn.

Antidote by Tom Red

Have I ever returned from a walk in the wild feeling less healthy than when I left my sordid, civilized society?

How do the rustling leaves, fetid earth, clarifying air and occasional smears of dew alter my functioning flesh and body?

The relationship between our selves and our surroundings  must be integral to achieving a balanced physical health.


When we walk together or alone,

Leaving doubt and mistrust at home,

Through majestic darkly wooded shade

Or moss-carpeted fern draped glade,

We are inhaling and swimming through

Bacterium, bacilli, mystical spore slough.


This liquid, mercurial, microbial field

That courses through all and all will heal,

That invigorates, evacuates the foreign threats

To our inner gut fighting immuno-florets.

The inside system that most replenishes

From wilderness walks, but never admonishes

My stumbling step, breath, touch and feeling.

Because here new immunities are annealing.


From the stretches and stresses of

Hiking, walking, laying on dirt,

Slipping, grasping, staying alert,

Performing outdoor meditations herein,

We are gleaning unknowable medicine.


And that is why, when I return,

Turn the corner far astern,

From a walk or a hike or climb or swim

In a cold water northern lake, my skin,

Feels stronger, and my body more akin.


As an antidote to global pandemical unrest

I will take a walk and solemnly ingest…

The healing feeling alchemy of the broken forest.



– Tom Red, March, 2020

Facebook Group page launched!

And we’ve posted the itinerary for the Endangered Boreal Tour and Symposium Series on this page as well.

So far, we’ve had great support for this project from Nipissing University, many businesses in northeastern Ontario and the North Bay Chamber of Commerce.

For information on our local forests, the dangers that threaten them, corporate plans for the areas that will affect the environment and the state of the old growth and new growth forests in the Temagami area go to:

Broken Forests Group gets branded!!

Thanks so much!!!! To the most talented and great artist-type, Don Chretien for creating this amazing new BFG brand and logo. Can’t wait to see Don’s new paintings that will be on display in Poland next year!!!

Secrets No More: What we don’t know IS hurting us!

We’re hoping to collect some stories here, on this blog site, that inform us about what people are doing to destroy, exploit or damage our sacred sites and wilderness areas.

I know that there are many lakes in our region of north eastern Ontario that are a beautiful lapis lazuli blue colour because they are polluted from sawmills and mines that have dumped their slurry there. Naturally these lakes will, we hope, grow back again and once again will become fuel for the forests and animals of the area. Could it be…that if, as artists, we had “blown the whistle” on the miners and sawyers and mill operators just a bit earlier, they could have and would have stepped away before the lake and the fish population had succumbed to their toxic byproducts?

We need to find out about these industries within the natural landscape and warn them RIGHT NOW…to STOP their activities before they kill our wild places!