Heading down to ASSEMBLY HALL GALLERY to INSTALL a new iteration of Wild Alchemy and the Global Grove! The show features 29 artists from 5 different countries. All of the works are tapping into the magic and spiritual resonance of the forests that nurture us. This is a “Gallery Project” created by the Broken Forests…

Wild Alchemy and the Global Grove Submissions CLOSING tomorrow!

If you were invited to or participated in the Endangered Boreal Art and there Environment tour in August, 2022…PLEASE SUBMIT…(until midnight tomorrow) an artwork for possible inclusion in Wild Alchemy and the Global Grove group exhibition. AND…Watch This Space…for the unveiling of the Online Exhibition of the same name to be opening on March 3,…

The Great Cosmic Mother p. 29

Modern sickness is that of disconnection, the ego unable to feel an organic part of the world, except via chemical and popular culture addictions.

New Landscape Artist added to BFG

Check out Marek Mikrut on our Images page. He plays a mean Jew’s Harp and his soft, joyful landscapes seem to conjur up childhood memories of the forests he visits. Here’s a beauty.  More images by Marek Mikrut are at: BFG Images page

New Artists and Curators Joining the Group

More momentum for the Broken Forests Project. We’ve added several artists to the project, two organic painters from Poland, an installation poet from Hamilton and a site/spirit artist born in Switzerland who now lives on the edges of the boreal forest of Ontario. Check them out here: https://www.brokenforests.com/images/ AND We’re all SO EXCITED to be…

Broken Forests Studio Tours

Okay, so we just set up a Broken Forests Group Channel on YouTube. This is where we will be collecting videos about participating artists and curators for the project. Right now we have some artists studio tours from artists in Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. Here is the channel link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDaCDzsN7u5E4MOHBDtQAwQ/ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and check back…

Jane Goodall calls for an End to Global Greed

A call to a suffering civilization. I think we must achieve a new balance between the health of the human community and the health of the biosphere that supports us. Link to Independent video here