Jane Goodall calls for an End to Global Greed

A call to a suffering civilization. I think we must achieve a new balance between the health of the human community and the health of the biosphere that supports us. Link to Independent video here

Antidote by Tom Red

Have I ever returned from a walk in the wild feeling less healthy than when I left my sordid, civilized society? How do the rustling leaves, fetid earth, clarifying air and occasional smears of dew alter my functioning flesh and body? The relationship between our selves and our surroundings  must be integral to achieving a…

Facebook Group page launched!

And we’ve posted the itinerary for the Endangered Boreal Tour and Symposium Series on this page as well. So far, we’ve had great support for this project from Nipissing University, many businesses in northeastern Ontario and the North Bay Chamber of Commerce. For information on our local forests, the dangers that threaten them, corporate plans…

Broken Forests Group gets branded!!

Thanks so much!!!! To the most talented and great artist-type, Don Chretien for creating this amazing new BFG brand and logo. Can’t wait to see Don’s new paintings that will be on display in Poland next year!!!

Secrets No More: What we don’t know IS hurting us!

We’re hoping to collect some stories here, on this blog site, that inform us about what people are doing to destroy, exploit or damage our sacred sites and wilderness areas. I know that there are many lakes in our region of north eastern Ontario that are a beautiful lapis lazuli blue colour because they are…

Starting to build our Collaborative website.

So, I’ve just set up the site and started creating pages, editing photographs, etc. What I need help with of course is: content!! Please send me your correct contact information, correct spelling of your names (all Broken Forests Facebook Group members) and a link to your artists website or your gallery’s website or to a…

Hello world!

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