Broken Forest 2022

Planning for Endangered Boreal Art and the Environment Tour for August 15 – 30, 2022. Here is the video from last year’s tour.

This is a Discursive and Makers’ Space     

Dedicated to fostering global bio-diversity and ending the exploitation of Wilderness areas and Sacred Sites all over the planet.

How to SUPPORT the Broken Forests Group

Works of Earth and Days of Discovery

2020, 2021 and 2022


Ongoing Global Projects
Secrets No More: What We DON’T KNOW CAN HURT US!

From the Forest Floor

A Community concerned about the disappearance of wilderness areas and the destruction of sacred sites in all continents and nations.

”Unavoidably, we are all part of the problem…but that doesn’t mean we can’t also be acting to implement solutions.”

  Please…Support the Broken Forests Project!! Help us by linking to our site with all of your art events and actions devoted to shining Grow Lights upon the last remaining Dark Forests. Help us to uncover the truth about current concerns and how we can join together to stop the Capitalist exploitation of wilderness and sacred areas!!

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