A note from Michael “Cy” Cywink

What a pleasant day when Michael “Cy” Cywink sends in a note.

“This past summer excursion was very heartfelt. It started when Dermot asked me to partake at the
gathering in Manitowaning, Manitoulin Island. Also referred to as the ‘The resting place of the Creator’,
the ‘Island of the Spirits’, ‘Ogimaa Minis’ – Island of the Chiefs, there are many more references to this
beautiful energy island. So there I was at the gathering meeting most of you for the first time. I shared
some artifacts and their history, my personal endeavors, and tangents on how this all interweaves with
healing our Mother Earth. Water is Life.

“Then I had the great time to share with all of you down in the ‘Park’, on the lands of our Anishinabe
Migratory Route. The rivers were our main highways back before and after contact. Like how did those
that came over on the ships with big sails know how to run the river routes without the help of our
Anishinabe relations? So there we were, laughing, talking, sharing our experiences and our love for our
environment/ Mother Earth. Remember, I shared that once you rearrange the letters of Earth you have
Heart. Mother Earth is seen as the Heart of this Universe. Manitoulin Island is seen as the Heart of
Turtle Island. At least that is how I learned this. My brothers and sisters in this Broken Forest, my heart is
open to your friendship big time!

“The most time is being and sharing with my one and only daughter Cedar Eve. Spending the time and
sharing laughter through the love of our being with all of you; I could not ask for anything more. I am so
heart proud she accepted this opportunity to meet all of you, I am proud of her artistic accomplishments
and life’s endeavors. So with that shared, I would like to say to you all, you are all beautiful spirit beings
living in a beautiful gift of creation. Baamaapii Minawaa ( we will meet again)”

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