Ruth Vigueras Bravo

Freedom under the shadows. Author: Ruth Vigueras Bravo Technique: Photoaction, Series Photo documentation: Victor Chimal Year: 2022

In The Forest – Eva Wal

In the Forest  Breathe with me Call me a tree Where spirits are summoned In the forest Balsam or pine Maple, ash, birch, too, is fine As long as your look is clear In the forest  Let us commune and let us commute I am canopy and I am root Whisper and chant is my home In…

A note from Michael “Cy” Cywink

What a pleasant day when Michael “Cy” Cywink sends in a note. “This past summer excursion was very heartfelt. It started when Dermot asked me to partake at the gathering in Manitowaning, Manitoulin Island. Also referred to as the ‘The resting place of the Creator’, the ‘Island of the Spirits’, ‘Ogimaa Minis’ – Island of…

The Great Cosmic Mother p. 29

Modern sickness is that of disconnection, the ego unable to feel an organic part of the world, except via chemical and popular culture addictions.

The Real Work, Interviews and Talks – Gary Snyder

The communities of creatures in forests, ponds, oceans, or grasslands seem to tend toward a condition called climax, “virgin forest” — many species, old bones, lots of rotten leaves, complex energy pathways, woodpeckers living in snags, and conies harvesting tiny piles of grass. This condition has considerable stability and holds much energy in its web…