Deforestation/Disruption Research Trip

Otherwise known by our intrepid crew of Eco-Artists as the Broken Forests West Recon Trip, for this event a contingent of Eco-Artists from Ontario traveled to Vancouver Island to meet BF Eco-Artists Group members there and to plan out (with galleries and groups in Victoria) our NEXT Eco-Arts Action and Intervention, which we are calling: Deforestation/Disruption.

Here’s a shot of the most famous Old Growth Douglas Fir on the island…the one that got away from the “clearcutters” and which is now protected by the community.

A brush pile on a clearcut overlooking the Juan de Fuca Strait. This is a possible site for an intervention in August of 2024.

Same site and we’re chatting about the terrible issues of deforestation on the island as we walk to a beautiful installation in the forest by Broken Forests Eco-Artist, Tasha Ladovsky.

Beautiful image by Eco-Artist, Ernest Daetwyler of Dermot Wilson constructing a Danger Tape Spiral on an older Clearcut near Jordan River in Canada. And here’s another from Ernest documenting a sentiment left by a Forest Activist around the time of the Ferry Creek Blockade.

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