Broken Forests Brazil – July 20 – August 10, 2023

Contingents of Broken Forests Artists from: Italy, Canada, Colombia and (of course) Brazil attending this AMAZING Eco-Cultural exchange event. We traveled from Campinas, São Paulo to Paranapiacaba in the Serro do Mar mountains to explore the indigenous rain forests there and to create site-specific installations and performances. The Group also visited the Jaguaraguava River area, traditional lands of the Guarani communities.

Brokenz Band performing at Femia Fabrica

The Cascadaphone is a performance and installation with a waterfall near the Pousada in Paranapiacaba high in the Serro do Mar, by Broken Forests Eco-Artists Group member, Dermot Wilson.

In those same forests, we followed our AMAZING Guide…Oskar. His knowledge of the flora and fauna and his stories from these lands were nothing short of inspirational!

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