Old Growth Resurrection CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS



Juried Exhibition: August 3-21, 2022
Online until: October 2, 2022
Deadline: Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Jurors: Virginia Eichhorn, Cesar Forero and Joseph Muscat

The Nipissing Regional Curatorial Collective, (NRCC), the Propeller Art Gallery in Toronto, and the International Broken Forests Group are reaching out to visual and media artists to SUBMIT AN ARTWORK created to relate to the stated themes of Old Growth Resurrection, Regeneration and Intervention.


To nurture and raise awareness, through art and art actions, the growth of all wild places, and to effect an increase in forest biodiversity around the world. We also hope that this exhibition will shine a light on exploitative forces that are destroying forest species and ecosystems and draw attention to the need to protect the wilderness and ancient sites that we hold to be spiritually significant.

The Old Growth juried exhibition will be displayed in Propeller’s South Gallery concurrent with the Broken Forests Group in Propeller’s North Gallery.

The Broken Forests Group is an international collective of artists coming together in Canada this year to raise awareness about the dire plight of the world’s forests through their art and art interventions.  Propeller is pleased to be a partner in this contemporary art project, curated by Dermot Wilson and Cesar Forero of the NRCC, and will be exhibiting the artists from the Broken Forests.  For more information on the Broken Forest see brokenforests.com

Important dates:

  • Submission Deadline: Wednesday, June 22 at 11 pm
  • Confirmation of Selected Artists: July 7
  • Exhibition Dates: August 3 – 21
  • Intake: Sunday, July 31, 2 – 6 pm * Unwrap work & take home any wrapping
  • Opening Reception and Meet the Artists: Saturday, August 6, 3 pm
  • Artwork Pickup: Sunday, August 21, 4 – 7 pm
  • Exclusive Until: October 2

Submission requirements: 

Submissions can include painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photo-based, mixed media, digital, video, installation, performance and interactive work.

Non-refundable Entry Fee $40.00 + HST per artwork submitted / Propeller & NRCC members $32 + HST

  • Video links of site-specific and performance art events are accepted
  • Artwork should not exceed 36” x 36”
  • Sculpture: maximum 24 inches wide (must fit through a regular door) and not weigh more than 18 kg (40lb)
  • Artwork should be ready to hang with D rings and/or wire on the back.
  • You agree to allow us to use your submission material, without compensation, in any catalogue publication of this exhibition.
  • Please note:  Artists are responsible for shipping costs to and from Propeller Gallery. Artists who are not able to pick up their unsold work(s) on Sunday, August 21 between 4 – 7 pm will need to cover the cost of the return of their work(s).

Additional Information:

We reserve the right to select those works that best embody the submission requirements and professional standards of Propeller Art Gallery. Submission fees will not be refunded.

Artworks listed for sale must be exclusive to Propeller for 60 days—the duration of the exhibition and the extended online shop period (October 2nd). Artists can elect to have works marked Not for Sale (NFS) at the beginning of the exhibition. If any work listed for sale is sold during the 60 day period, whether through Propeller or independently by the artist, the commission must be paid to Propeller.

Shipping fees are not included in the price of the artwork. Buyers can pick up the artwork from the Gallery at the close of the exhibition. The gallery will handle shipping arrangements when required if the work sells during the exhibition at the cost of the buyer.


  • Non-members: 25% commission will be collected on any work sold.
  • Members of Propeller or NRCC: 20% commission will be collected for any work sold.

Curatorial Committee: Frances Patella, Cesar Forero

FORM to FILL IN & SUBMIT….. Scroll down through this page to find the form for downloading images and your information.


The Embrace OPENS

An image from our upcoming Broken Forests bookwork project that includes images and writings from all of the Embrace artists.

Fairy Creek Blockade on Vancouver Island

Friends of the Broken Forests – Please Stand up for the Pacific Coast Old Growth!!

Tiel-Jones is the lumber company (https://tealjones.com/) that is killing two-thousand-year-old trees near Fairy Creek on Vancouver Island. The premier of the province of British Columbia has publicly sanctioned these executions and should be held responsible for this atrocity.

These majestic beings cannot be replaced and are the source of  much of the bio-diversity that we will need in the near future, that is found in abundance in coastal forests that have been too inaccessible for logging machines or for easy extraction.

There are literally thousands of brave, amazing folks who have been doing everything in their power to stop these crimes from happening. It is up to us to spread the word that we cannot let them do this simply for a small amount of money!! These are all living trees that must be preserved in order to sustain our true, wild and un-domesticated forests!!

A new “dancing poem” from Cesar Forero called: In Resilience

In Resilience

I am the land of fullness breathing, in my core all realms turn resilient.  Whether with a giggle or a squeal the appeal from my soul announces a reincarnation.

Dancing, with heartrending moves, then revolving and meandering…      Dancing and stirring in tune…                                                                                            Dancing and expecting for the beat.

Supernatural bloom, look deep inside, somewhere in there a new seed is sprouting.                                                                                                                                            This fruit, with free hands and arms, will flow and hover… far away!                    But today… no place is remote enough.

Dancing with arms, wings and fins…                                                                            Dancing or flowing, or, hovering in tune…                                                                  Dancing and torquing the hips with the beat.

The new life is coming giggling, twittering, and bobbling full of presence and with its own empire.                                                                                                                  Going everywhere with the illusion of finding the love that changes worlds and gives life to hope.

Dancing with feathers, flapping or simply flowing by the wind.                    Dancing with energy that manoeuvres the tune.                                                  Dancing to endure our souls to the beat.

We are soon at the existence of glory, the light that resists and the social presence letting us love.                                                                                                                  A day that wobbles to the tune of love and a day when we converse about the mysteries of joy.

© Written by: Cesar Forero                   Proofread: Eileen Egerer