In Resilience by Cesar Forero

In Resilience

I am the land of fullness breathing, in my core all realms turn resilient.  Whether with a giggle or a squeal the appeal from my soul announces a reincarnation.

Dancing, with heartrending moves, then revolving and meandering…      Dancing and stirring in tune…                                                                                            Dancing and expecting for the beat.

Supernatural bloom, look deep inside, somewhere in there a new seed is sprouting.                                                                                                                                            This fruit, with free hands and arms, will flow and hover… far away!                    But today… no place is remote enough.

Dancing with arms, wings and fins…                                                                            Dancing or flowing, or, hovering in tune…                                                                  Dancing and torquing the hips with the beat.

The new life is coming giggling, twittering, and bobbling full of presence and with its own empire.                                                                                                                  Going everywhere with the illusion of finding the love that changes worlds and gives life to hope.

Dancing with feathers, flapping or simply flowing by the wind.                    Dancing with energy that manoeuvres the tune.                                                  Dancing to endure our souls to the beat.

We are soon at the existence of glory, the light that resists and the social presence letting us love.                                                                                                                  A day that wobbles to the tune of love and a day when we converse about the mysteries of joy.

© Written by: Cesar Forero                   Proofread: Eileen Egerer

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