Secrets No More: What we don’t know IS hurting us!

We’re hoping to collect some stories here, on this blog site, that inform us about what people are doing to destroy, exploit or damage our sacred sites and wilderness areas.

I know that there are many lakes in our region of north eastern Ontario that are a beautiful lapis lazuli blue colour because they are polluted from sawmills and mines that have dumped their slurry there. Naturally these lakes will, we hope, grow back again and once again will become fuel for the forests and animals of the area. Could it be…that if, as artists, we had “blown the whistle” on the miners and sawyers and mill operators just a bit earlier, they could have and would have stepped away before the lake and the fish population had succumbed to their toxic byproducts?

We need to find out about these industries within the natural landscape and warn them RIGHT NOW…to STOP their activities before they kill our wild places!

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